Eye Design Pro RPM Manicure Pedicure Electric Drill Machine Set

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    Pro RPM Manicure Pedicure Electric Drill Machine Set Best Value!

    The Pro RPM Manicure Pedicure Electric Drill Machine Set with 35000RPM Nails Care Electric Polisher Nail Art Drill has ergonomic and fashionable design, makes it comfortable to hold and use. When in use, it is extremely quiet and smooth, with no vibration. The electric nail art drill is functional, power-saving, and safe to use because it is made of dependable and superior materials. It is appropriate for use in a professional salon, studio, or at home. Perfecting your nails begins with this small electric nail art drill that saves time, power, and money.

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    • 35,000 RPM Professional manicure & pedicure tool. Perfect for nail shops, beauty salons and home use.
    • 6 kinds of different shaped drill bits allow you to freely customize your nail shapes and styles.
    • EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: Handpiece upgraded with silicone rubber heat-resistant sleeve to reduce the risky of overheat and vibration effectively.
    • PRACTICAL:Forward/Reverse direction switch suitable for RIGHT HANDED or LEFT HANDED use, Foot pedal included.
    • MULTIFUNCTIONS: Carving, Engraving, Routing, Grinding, Sharpening, Sanding, Polishing for Acrylic Nails,Gel Nails,Artificial Nails,Natural Nails,Pets'Nails,not suggest using for something hard.
    • APPLICATION:Available for using at nail salon,beauty parlor ,spa or personal manicure pedicure,nail art,etc.


    • Material: ABS
    • Colour: Gold
    • Dimensions: 13.5 x 15 x 8cm
    • Weight: 950g
    • Rated Voltage Range: 220-240V / 50Hz
    • Rated Power Input: 15W
    • Rated Speed: 0-30000 RPM
    • Output Rated Voltage: DC 13V
    • Plug Type: AU Plug

    The Package Includes:

    Option 1: No Machine:Only Nail File Tools Kit

    2 x Splitters
    50 x 80' Sanding Band
    50 x 120' Sanding Band
    50 x 180' Sanding Band
    30 x Replacement Bits Kit

    Option 2: Electric Drill Machine Set

    1 x Nail Drill Machine
    1 x Hand Drill Pen
    6 x Drill Bits
    1 x Holder
    1 x Cap
    2 x Splitters
    1 x Foot Pedal
    1 x User Manual
    50 x 80' Sanding Band
    50 x 120' Sanding Band
    50 x 180' Sanding Band
    30 x Replacement Bits Kit

    How to use:

    1. Insert the bit firmly into the drill hole. (You can choose the bits optionally with the sanding ring fixed on the biggest drill bit.)
    2. Connect the drill pen to controller. (Round 5-pin)
    3. Connect the foot pedal to controller. (Round pin)
    4. Plug in. Control the drill pen by turning on the switch on power controller or pedal.
    5. Hand and foot switch on controller. When you switch to "I", the machine is controlled manually. When you switch to "0", it is OFF. When switching to "II", the machine is controlled by foot pedal.
    6. There is a forward and reverse operation switch on power controller.
    7. There is a speed switch on power controller. (To adjust the speed you need.)
    A. Hand Control
    Connect to "Handpiece" -- select "Hand"-- turn on -- tune rotation rate -- Select "FWD" -- turn off
    B. Foot Control
    Select "Foot"-- connect to "Footpiece" -- turn on -- press foot pedal -- turn off
    C. How to Change the Drill Bits
    Please turn the pen handle slightly and carefully, select the suitable bit to the drill pen.

    Care & Note:

    1. Unplug the machine before changing the filing bits.
    2. Reduce the speed of the filing heads to the minimum or turn off the machine before changing the operative direction (forward/reverse).
    3. Do not switch the operative direction (forward/reverse) repeatedly for an extended period of time.
    4. Do not touch the hot filing heads with bare hands.
    5. Beware of dust that may come into your eyes while operating.
    6. Do not operate this near water.
    7. Store the kit in a dry place. Keep it away from children.
    8. Power it off when not in use.