Celtic X200 Infrared Red Light Therapy Panel

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    Infrared red light therapy at home is easy with our Celtic X200W Infrared Red Light Therapy PanelThe key things to note with the LTE range of red infrared LED light panels are: simple remote; 4 year manufacturers warranty covered by Eye Design Professional; hanging kits included (perfect for red light therapy at home). These simple design elements mean you still get a large powerful machine with a long warranty, but save a bit of money on added features making them perfect for red light therapy at home.


    • Red light therapy at home featuring 6 wavelengths of red and near-infrared light.
    • Use: Red 660/NIR 850nm, Red 630/645nm and 830/810nm NIR LEDs at the same time or independently, giving you the most wavelengths of any machine on the planet.
    • You can adjust the power output of your machines 40 x 5w LEDs from level 1-10. Without ever moving your panel setup, you can easily adjust it for optimal red & infrared LED light therapy penetration.
    • Easily connect with Celtic X900W at home red red light therapy panels with the latest in wireless pairing technology and control with one included remote, making it easy to add a full body panel onto your targeted facial panel.
    • Use the digital controls to select Red 660/ NIR850nm, Near-Infrared 830/810nm and Red 645/630nm light therapy settings. You can use all 6 at the same time or independently, catering for your specific red & infrared light therapy needs.
    • Pre-set session times with the digital inbuilt timer, which will automatically stop your red and infrared LED light therapy sessions after the timer reaches 0.
    • The latest in red and infrared LED light and lens technology ensure the most effective penetration of beneficial wavelengths of light.
    • All our devices are made using flicker free LED drivers making red and infrared light therapy sessions safer and more effective for all users.
    • Free hanging kit: FREE Door Hook and Pulley System, plus a vertical and horizontal hanging kit included! You can now hang your red and infrared LED light therapy panel in more ways than ever before!
    • Free Light Blocking Goggles: Keep your eyes protected during your facial red and infrared light therapy sessions with your free pair of light blocking goggles.
    • EMF Free: LTE 200 panels are EMF free at minimum usable distances, meaning you won’t take on any harmful EMFs during your red and infrared LED light therapy sessions.
    • UV Free: All our panels are free from UV light and do not emit any potentially harmful UV rays during your red and infrared light therapy sessions.
    • Longer LED Life: Celtic X200W has a life expectancy of 100,000 hours, meaning it will continue to provide the best full body infrared light at home for years to come.


    • Material: Metal Combination
    • Color: Red/ NIR
    • Body area: Face/ Targeted
    • Power source: Power Adapter
    • Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm x 70mm
    • 5w dual chip LEDs: 40 PCS
    • Rated wattage: 1KW
    • Qty of cooling fans: 1
    • Beam angle: 60°
    • Irradiance: >100 mW/cm² 
    • Wavelengths: 810/830nm : 660/850nm 630/645 1:1:1:1
    • Weight: 3KGS (product) /4.2KGS (approx in package

      Package list:

      1 * AU power cord
      1 * User manual (PDF) 
      1 * Celtic X200W 
      1 * Goggles
      1 * Remote
      1 * Door hanging kit, adjustable pulley system, daisy chain kit


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