Ultra Plus Extensions Glue, Handmade 5D Fans, Pigment Ink Mixer + Sticks, Hydrogel Eye Pads (10pcs), Disposable Micro Brushes

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    Spend $1000 or more to score this package as a gift! This gift includes Ultra Plus Eyelash Extensions Glue (1pc), Handmade Synthetic Mink 5D Loose Fans (1pc- length picked randomly), Hydrogel Eye Pads (10pcs), Disposable Micro Brushes (1 unit).

    The Eye Design Professional Ultra Plus Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Glue features an extremely fast adhesion with 1-second dry time and a long-lasting bond retention of 7-8 weeks. It has a thin viscosity for ease of application, suitable for sensitive eyes.
    It performs best in low 35- 55% relative humidity and a temperature around 19-21 degrees Celcius. Use the Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer to ensure that your work environment conditions are within the recommended range to boost the performance of the glue. 

    – Remove Cap, cover nozzle with foil, or the included pin. Shake for 30 seconds.
    – To dispense, turn the bottle upside down and let it drop.
    – After getting your drop, burp the adhesive and squeeze the trapped air bubbles out of the nozzle. Use the lint-free wipe to clean any excess adhesive off from the nozzle and screw the lid tight.
    – Keep your adhesive upright in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
    – It is recommended to replace eyelash glue every 4-6 weeks after opening.

    The Premium 5D handmade volume lash wide fans features:

    • 450 - 500 loose fans per box
    • Material: Made of high-quality synthetic mink
    • C Curls
    • Thickness of 0.07
    • Selection of 9mm-18mm length
    • Each box is one size and curl
    • Offer a high-quality, dense, true black look
    • Cruelty-free

    The Hydrogel Eye Pads are 100% lint-free and is ultra-thin, making them perfect for clients with sensitive skin.

    While specifically designed for eyelash extensions and lifts, these eyelash extension patches are also ideal for everyday use to reduce puffiness and darkness on the under-eye area. 

    • Material: Lint Free Cotton
    • Size: 7.6 x 2.9cm
    • 1 pair of patches per pack

    The Disposable Micro Brushes are 10cm/4 inch in length and the brush head diameter is 2mm, perfect for detailed and targeted product application. It is made of sterile, high-quality plastic and fiber. It is also durable and lightweight, specifically designed with a non-drip tip, which can be bendable at any angle, ideal for beauty and health care use. Each unit comes in a sturdy transparent canister containing 100 brushes.

    The Pigment Mixer & Sticks set is a hand-held device to blend different shades of pigment together or to stir thickened pigments during treatments to loosen it's consistency. Each mixer comes with 5 pieces of sticks. 2x AA Battery is required and is not included in the package.