Queenie PMU Cosmetic Tattoo Machine Set

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    Queenie PMU Cosmetic Tattoo Machine Set Best Seller!

    The Queenie PMU Cosmetic Tattoo Machine Set features a digital touch screen panel for easy modes and speed adjustment. The working modes included cater to eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner tattoos, lip tattoos, and body tattoos. The motor offers a smooth, continuous, and quiet operation. The tattoo pen is designed ergonomically to reduce wrist strains. The device is made of high quality aluminium with anodised finish in an elegant muted golden colour. Australian adapter included. 


    1. Each of the permanent makeup Pen is CNC-Machined by aircraft Aluminium alloy and then anodized finish. The motor is 10w made in Swiss, low noise, strong and stable to work, fast coloring, reduce customer tension, speed 15000~45000 times/min,no hot for long time working.
    2. Feel attentively that every fine trace of the tattoo feels very good, the operation is almost silent, and the experience is excellent. You can use it for eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner, lips, tattoos, pregnancy eyelashes, etc.
    3. The machine has a strong mute effect and uses effective mute technology to reduce the inherent sound of the motor. The sound is very small during use, allowing your customers to enjoy quietness and giving you a quiet working environment.
    4. Needle lock to prevent flying needle. The screw port is designed to lock the needle to avoid flying needles, shaking, and ink jetting.
    5. Lightweight and comfortable to hold, the body design is light and small, easy to carry, and the humanized design makes your operation easier.

    Product details

    • Material: Aluminum alloy + LCD touch screen
    • Needle type: General-purpose screw-in one-piece needle
    • Features: precise digital control, free adjustment of frequency, high speed, silent noise reduction, multiple gears, continuous operation under any circumstances, convenient and fast
    • Frequency: 45000r/m. AC Voltage: 110V, 240V 2A. DC: 5V 2A. Speed:3V 8000r/min, 4V 12000r/min, 5V 16000r/min

    The kit includes:


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