ROTANA Eyebrow Tint Kit

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    Color: Black

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    The ROTANA Eyebrow Tint Kit is perfect for both personal and professional use at home or at your beauty salon. It is perfect for anyone who desire a natural, thicker, and fuller looking eyebrows. It offers great colour retention, lasting up to 4-6 weeks. It is 100% natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free. 

    Each kit includes the following:

    • 1x Eyebrow tint (black packaging)
    • 1x Oxidising cream (white bottle)
    • 1x Mascara wand
    • 1x Disposable gloves

    How to use:

    1. Clean the eyebrow/ eyelash area thoroughly. Dry and eliminate any excess moisture or product from the area.
    2. Map the eyebrows
    3. Mix a small amount of eyebrow dye and oxidising cream in 1:1 ratio in a clean container
    4. Apply petroleum jelly around the mapped eyebrows/ eyelids to protect the skin from excess dyes.
    5. For salon use- instruct your clients to keep their eyes closed at all times. For DIY home use- be extra careful and don't let any product get into your eyes. 
    6. Apply the dyeing mixture, make sure it is evenly applied, covering every strand. Let it sit for 5-10minutes on the eyebrows and on the eyelashes for one minute only. It is advised not to leave the dark colour on the eyebrows for too long to prevent it from looking too dark and saturated. 
    7. Remove the dye using wet cotton pads soaked in water and gently pat dry. 

    ***If you have sensitive skin, we highly recommend you perform a preliminary patch test before use.