Teeth Whitening Professional Kit

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The Eye Design Professional Teeth Whitening Professional Kit is perfect for dental artists who would like to practice on a dental teeth model as well as a real model. 

The kit includes:

  • Dental Teeth Model (1pc)
  • Gingival Barrier (2pcs)
  • EDA Teeth Whitening Gel Pen 4ml (2pcs)
  • Oral Brush Ups (10pcs)
  • Face Gauze (10pcs)
  • Vitamin E Oil Swab (20pcs/pack)
  • Cheek Retractor (1pc)
  • Disposable Micro Brushes (100pcs/pack)
  • Stainless Steel Lash & Dental Mirror (1pc)
  • Dental Bib (5pcs)
  • Teeth Whitening Shade Guide (1pc)
  • DX. BOND VII Self Etch Light Cure Adhesive (1pc)
  • Swarovpro Aurore Boreale Crystal Tooth Gems (24pcs) ss6/ ss7 (1pc)
  • Swarovpro Sapphire Crystal Tooth Gems (24pcs) ss6/ ss7 (1pc)
  • Swarovpro Crystal Tooth Gems (24pcs) ss6/ ss7 (1pc)
  • LED Teeth Whitening Lamp - Lite 2000 (1pc)