Eye Design Teeth Whitening Mini LED Light

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    Teeth Whitening Mini LED Light Best Seller!

    The Teeth Whitening Mini LED Light is a compact and portable teeth whitening device with 5 built-in LED lights, perfect for home DIY use. It is used to accelerate the whitening process when used with light-sensitive whitening gel, increasing the effectiveness of the whitening gel and decreases the amount of time whitening is needed before reaching desired results.

    Startup Instructions:
    1. Open the battery compartment on the back of the Accelerator light.
    2. Remove both batteries and discard the plastic disc between the batteries and the light.
    4. Reassemble the light and confirm that it is now working properly.

    How To Use:
    1. Gently clean the mouthpiece with water before and after each use. (Do not submerge the light).
    2. Apply whitening gel to teeth using an applicator pen, or using whitening trays.
    3. Place accelerator in mouth wrapping lips around the outer rim of light.
    4. Turn the light on.
    5. Use the Accelerator to the amount of time recommended by the manufacture of the whitening gel.
    6. Turn off the light after the whitening process and clean and wash the accelerator.

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