Tattoo Machine & Clip Cord Sleeves & Transparent Silicone Latex (3pcs)

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Spend $500 or more to get this package as a gift! The gift includes 1x Disposable Tattoo Machine & Clip Cord Tube Sleeves and 5x Transparent Silicone Latex.

The Disposable Tattoo Machine & Clip Cord Tube Sleeves in black protects your hand-held tattooing pens and devices as well as clip cords. It acts as a barrier to keep your tools hygienic and avoid cross-contamination. The sleeves are open on one end and sealed on the other end. It's perforated at the top for easy access.


  • Quantity Per Box: 100 Sleeves
  • Sleeves Size: 107cm Long x 6cm Wide

The Transparent Silicone Tattoo Skin has a similar feel as human skin, very soft, thick enough for double-sided usage. It's perfect for practicing different techniques (Microblading or Ombré brows), from outlining to shading.