RF Photon Beauty Device

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    The RF Photon Beauty Device device that combines the advanced photon therapygalvanic therapy, and RF LED anti-ageing technology. It increases the skin products absorption, allowing it to penetrate the skin deeper to tighten your skin and rejuvenate your complexion. RF is radio frequency, a non-invasive therapy that penetrates the epidermis, addressing the ageing concerns by heating the skin cells and stimulating collagen production.

    Ensure to apply the serum or any of your favourite skincare products before starting the device so the RF function can be activated once contact is made with the skin.

    The device features 3 modes with 20 LED lights:

    1. Red light (625+-3nm): Helps smooth fine lines
    2. Blue light (465 +-3nm): Calms and soothes the skin, helps to reduce oil production
    3. Green light (525 +-3nm): Brightens the skin & reduces pigmentation


      • Do not wear any metal objects when using the device.
      • Do not use if you’ve had hyaluronic acid injections or collagen injections in the last six months.
      • Do not use it in any areas where you have cosmetic fillers.
      • Do not use if you have heart disease, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have a skin infection.
      • Do not use it on wounds, on the mouth, or on the eyelids/eye area. 

      The product includes RF Photon Beauty Device, Charging Cable & Charging Base, and booklet.