Oral Brush Ups (10pcs)

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    Oral Brush Ups (10pcs) Best Convenient!

    Mint flavoured oral brush ups for cleaning the teeth before a teeth whitening procedure. Slide your index finger to the pocket and use it to aim and brush your teeth. You’ll get a clean mouth and fresh breath when you’re on the go, no water or rinsing required. Each unit contains 10 pieces of Oral Brush Ups.

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    • Comfortable, slip-on design fits most finger sizes
    • Oral Brush Ups can effectively remove the moisture from the teeth and the film forms on the surface of the teeth, which can affect the permeability of the enamel and effectively remove the dirt on the teeth
    • Oral Brush Ups has a minty aroma and cleans your teeth while refreshing
    • Oral Brush Ups are packaged separately, hygienically and easy to use
    • Thin, compact size makes it easy to carry in your wallet