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    Here's what you'll learn in our online BB-Glow Course...

    • Step-by-step BB-glow procedure walkthrough and treatment demonstrations videos.
    • Eye Design’s Signature BB-Glow techniques (best results in the beauty industry).
    • Skin anatomy: Skin structure and function, skin type characteristics, the function of cleansing and deep cleansing.
    • How BB-Glow works, treatment efficacy, BBglow absorption method and contraindications.
    • DR.DRAWING BB Glow Ampoules: Types of Meso ampoules and ingredients.
    • BB-Glow Treatment Process: Client consultation, workstation setup, BB-Glow instructions and handling indications.
    • Safety and Aftercare: Correct needle length, precautions and aftercare.
    • Face Shape Variations: Deciding based on face shape, Blush or Contour Technique, before and after results. 
    • Hygiene practices, in-treatment pain management and anti-shock techniques, product knowledge and supplies, BBglow service price guide.
    • Full price guide and consultation form with terms and conditions to set up. your business.
    • BONUS: BB Glow Candy Lip technique lesson!
    • Hands-on assessments on live models with trainer feedback.
    • No previous experience or certificates are required! You can complete this course in as little as 4 weeks by only investing 2 hours a day.​​​​​​​
    • Certificate on training completion!
    PRO Kit details
    (Contents listed may vary due to stock)

    ⁃ 1 x Dr.Pen A1 BBGlow Machine
    ⁃ 10 x BBGlow Needles
    ⁃ 8 x DR.DRAWING BB Ampoules and 2x Serums package (Best Sellers)

    - 1 x Oil Facial Cleanser (bottle)

    - 1 x Microfoliant Exfoliator (bottle)
    ⁃ 3 x Facial masks (to apply for client)
    ⁃ 3 x Hyaluronic Skin Tightening Serum (give to client after treatment)
    ⁃ 6 x Compressed Facial Sponges (Used to do facials before applying BBGlow)
    ⁃ 5 x Disposable Brush (used to apply numbing cream and serum during treatment)