Eye Design Natural Deep Cleaning Foot Pads (100pcs)

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    The Eye Design Natural Deep Cleaning Foot Pads (100pcs) with 100% premium natural ingredients, you will get a gentle and highly effective process for enhancing your sleep quality. It helps to promote circulation and provides warmth to your feet throughout the night. Exfoliates your feet, leaving your soles smoother and creamier. Gives you a relaxing rest and relief after a long day at work.

    Key features: 

    • Expels excess fluids or toxins
    • Anti-inflammatory to reduces pains & tiredness
    • Decreases removes swollen glands and legs
    • Improves your metabolism and blood circulation
    • Boosts energy level
    • Help You Deep Sleep: Works while you sleep, improves sleep quality and is suitable for deep sleep. 
    • Widly Application: You can wear our foot care pads when you are sleeping at home, watching TV or reading. All you need is to take a moment to post them. These cleansing foot pads will help you improve your sleep quality and keep you refreshed the next day.

    How to use:  Was hand dry your feet before applying the footpad. Take one adhesive sheet and slowly peel off the paper. Place each patch at the bottom middle of your foot/sole. Wear the socks to sleep. Finally, remove and discard after 6-8 hours. It can help you deep sleep and make you feel refreshed when you wake up.

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