Nano Mist Sprayer

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Color: White

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The Nano Mist Sprayer in White transforms water to refreshing fine mist. The mist sprayer is an essential tool for eyelash technicians. It sprays tiny water droplets evenly onto the lashes to cure the lash adhesive faster and settle the fumes that might be emitted by certain ingredients from the glue. It also soothes the skin, removing any burning or stinging sensations your client may experience.

Simply add 25ml of distilled water to the water compartment and press the button to start misting. We recommend using distilled water because normal water may eventually calcify and clog the mister. The mist sprayer is USB-rechargeable, allowing a wireless operation.

The mist sprayer can also be used casually for facial hydration and refreshment throughout the day. The water can be mixed essential oil as a relaxing scented device. It can also be mixed with alcohol to use it as a mini disinfection tool.