Nano LED Therapy Infrared Light Therapy Mask

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    The Nano LED Therapy Infrared Light Therapy Mask uses the latest in light irradiation technology and premium quality materials. With 3 large Led light sources (Blue, Red, and Orange) and 807 light beads, covering all corners of the face, so that the skin has elasticity, hydrated, and shiny.


    1. Salon-Level Skin Care and Treatment:

    Use natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin.
    Solve stubborn skin problems. Can reduce and prevent wrinkles, prevents moisture-loss, minimizes pores, helps fight fatty areas. Repair skin, allowing you to regain white, firming, elastic, and youthful skin

    2. 807 pcs & 3 Color LED Mask:

    BLUE LIGHT(410~415nm): Effectively inhibits sebaceous gland secretion, repair acne skin and shrink pores

    ORANGE LIGHT (600~605nm): Acting on the subcutaneous layer, effectively improve skin redness and erythema to improve dullness and skin penetration bright luster.

    RED LIGHT (630~635nm): Reaches deep into the basal layer of skin, effectively activates collagen, smooths skin, fade facial wrinkles

    3.Safety & Comfortable & Eco-Friendly:

    Our light therapy face mask uses the latest in light irradiation technology and quality materials.
    We ensure the safety of families and well-being of the earth against dangerous chemicals, such as chemicals that can cause many different illnesses and diseases, please feel free to buy with confidence!

    4. Designed For Full face & Neck Beautification:

    There are no side effects and offers pure light and energy for skin care, which is suitable for all skin types, ultra simple way to use. (NOTE: Do not use if you have a thyroid condition or have an eye condition)

    5. 20 Minutes Auto Off:

    automatically run red light for 5 minutes, blue light for 5 minutes, orange light for 10 minutes

    6. Rechargeable:

    Built-in 1400mAh A+ battery, charged by the normal Type-C cable for wireless use

    7. Touch Switch button

    8. Visiual Design

    Transparent windows for eyes view, silicon glasses designed built for eyes protection


    • Color: White
    • Material: ABS
    • LED : 807pcs Nano Lamps
    • USB Type: Type-C
    • Timing: 20 Minutes Auto Off
    • Power: 4W
    • Charging Voltage: 5V 1A
    • Applicable Skin Type: All Skin Type
    • LED Facial Mask Net Weight: 450 g
    • Neck Device Net Weight: 130 g
    • Built-in Battery: 1400mAh

    Package contents

    1 x Nano LED Therapy Infrared Light Therapy Mask
    1 x Base
    1 x USB
    1 x Controller
    1 x Manual
    1 x Box

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