Microblading Hand Tools with Sponge & Mascara Wands

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    Spend $250 or more to get this package as a gift! The gift includes Disposable 18U Microblading Hand Tools with Sponge (2pcs) & Mascara Wands (50pcs)

    The Disposable 18U Microblading Hand Tools with Sponge features U shaped flexi blade with 0.16mm nano blades on one end and a sponge tip on the other end. The fitted microblade is ultra-thin and sharp, allowing you to achieve precise and crisp hair strokes. The sponge tip allows you to absorb and massage pigments into the strokes for increased absorption during colour saturation steps. Each hand tool is packaged individually. Do not use if packaging is broken. 

    The disposable mascara wands are used for brushing brow hairs or eyelashes into place, or moving brow hairs aside to view microbladed hair strokes. The brush heads on these can be bent slightly as needed. Each unit contains 50 pieces of wands. 

    • Whole length: 10 cm
    • Brush/head length: 2.6 cm