Eye Design Lip Tattoo Latex

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    Eye Design Lip Tattoo Latex Best Value!

    Eye Design Lip Tattoo Latex for practicing and perfecting your Lip Blush skills. It features 10 three dimensional lips to practice the correct angling and pressure of your machine strokes application.

    Dimension: 22 cm x 19 cm

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    • It is non-toxic and harmless to human body
    • Tattoo practice skin is made of special materials that are close to the texture of human skin. It is soft and elastic and is suitable for lip tattoos, microblading make-up and other exercises
    • Permanent makeup lip tattoo practice skin is suitable for microblading beginners or microblading masters to perform lip exercises, so the microblading artist can master microblading skills faster and better
    • Moderate thickness, high simulation, three-dimensional and lifelike effect, suitable for beginners in microblading
    • Help you improve your skills without practicing real skin
    • High quality silicone exercise skin can be cleaned and reused with high use efficiency. Lightweight and portable
    • Whether you are a tattoo expert or a tattoo expert, this tattoo practice skin is indispensable for you
    • Tattoo practice skin makes working tattoo artists easier