Lip Tattoo Latex

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    Latex for practicing and perfecting your Lip Blush skills. It features 10 three dimensional lips to practice the correct angling and pressure of your machine strokes application.

    Dimension: 22 cm x 19 cm


    • It is non-toxic and harmless to human body
    • Tattoo practice skin is made of special materials that are close to the texture of human skin. It is soft and elastic and is suitable for lip tattoos, microblading make-up and other exercises
    • Permanent makeup lip tattoo practice skin is suitable for microblading beginners or microblading masters to perform lip exercises, so the microblading artist can master microblading skills faster and better
    • Moderate thickness, high simulation, three-dimensional and lifelike effect, suitable for beginners in microblading
    • Help you improve your skills without practicing real skin
    • High quality silicone exercise skin can be cleaned and reused with high use efficiency. Lightweight and portable
    • Whether you are a tattoo expert or a tattoo expert, this tattoo practice skin is indispensable for you
    • Tattoo practice skin makes working tattoo artists easier