LED Light Panel Hanging Kit Small

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    • Hanging kit for light therapy panels including a door hook and adjustable pulley system so the height can be adjusted easily.
    • All panels 7kg or under are safe to use with the pulley system, making adjusting the height of your LED light panel a breeze.
    • Use two or more hanging kits to improve the stability of the machines and also make heavier setups more easy to lift!

    Key features

    • LED light panel hanging kit
    • Turn any door into a makeshift LED salon
    • Universal door hook included
    • Pulley system for panels upto 7kg
    • Universal fit, can be used with any our panel


    • Material: Stainless Steel Nylon
    • Color: Black
    • Type: Light Therapy Panel Hang Kit Combo

    Package list:

    1 * Adjustable Pulley
    1 * Universal Door Mount


    Note: We do not offer refunds for returned goods unless damage or faulty issue. Please feel free to message or email us to help confirm your selection before purchasing to avoid any disappointment after!