Eye Design Airtight Lash Glue Storage Container

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    Eye Design Airtight Lash Glue Storage Container Best Convenient!

    Eye Design Airtight Lash Glue Storage Container provides a moisture-free environment for your lash adhesives. Each container fits 3 bottles of 10ml lash adhesives and it features an opaque black appearance to protect the content from direct light. It is recommended that you store lash glues upright and this container is a perfect tool for support and maintaining the upright position. 

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    • High quality: Made of high quality plastic and silicone, it is durable, effectively improve the freshness of glue.
    • With sealed silicone ring, the sealed glue storage tank can effectively dehumidify and maintain a dry environment.
    • Built-in activated carbon crystal, which absorbs the pungent odor of glue. It can increase the stability of glue to improve the storage time of glue.
    • Provide an additional layer of protection for the glue to effectively prevent the glue from drying out or condensing.
    • Leak-proof design: cans with sealing buckles can effectively dehumidify and seal the dry environment without worrying that the mucus or putty will not dry out.
    • Perfect size: Storage of different quick-drying glue, to meet the different needs of eyelash teachers.
    • Divider insert – can fit 3 adhesives depending on bottle shape and size. Great for use storing eyelash extension glue.
    • Portable and lightweight: suitable for families or travel.

    Size: 8.8cm x 7cm