Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser, Eyelash Extension Cream Remover, Digital Hygrometer, Airtight Lash Glue Container

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    Spend $750 or more to score this package as a gift! This gift includes 1x Foaming Lash, Brow Cleanser & 1x Eyelash Extension Cream Remover, 1x Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer, 1x Airtight Lash Glue Storage Container.

    Significantly extend the life of your customers lashes with Eye Design Foaming Lash Cleanser. This cleanser can also be used to prepare and cleanse your clients eyebrows before applying Eyebrow Henna.

    Our formula is specialised for Eyelash Extensions and Brows. It helps to remove dirt, oil, makeup, cosmetics & other residue that can cause early shedding of your customers extensions. Clean eyebrows enhance eyebrow henna colour absorption and prolongs it's colour retention. Our cleansing foams also strengthen your clients lashes and brows (the healthier your customers lashes are, the more extended their lash extensions stay full and lavish). 

    It can be utilised as both a pre-application lash cleaning treatment (alternative of makeup remover) and also as an aftercare item you can retail to your clients (We’ve seen clients who use this at home returning for several weeks infill appointments with almost full sets of lashes!).

    The Eyelash Extension Cream Remover is a potent and highly effective product for dissolving eyelash extension adhesives, for a smooth, quick and damage-free removal. Our formulated eyelash extension cream remover has a thicker consistency which means it does not run into the eyes easily. 

    Directions: Slowly apply cream remover bit by bit, make sure cream is applied on lashes only and make sure it doesn't touch the skin and client's eyes. Leave it on for 2 minutes and all lashes will come out effortlessly. If it comes in contact with client's eyes, clean immediately with clean soft cotton wipes soaked in clean water. 

    Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer with LCD display to measure the humidity and temperature of your environment. This is an essential tool to for every lash artist to ensure that their work environment is within the recommended range of humidity and temperature for an optimal eyelash adhesive/ glue application. Eyelash glue requires a room temperature of 18° - 24° and 50% - 80% humidity for an effective application and prolonged retention. Battery not included.

    Airtight Lash Glue Storage Container provides a moisture-free environment for your lash adhesives. Each container fits 3 bottles of 10ml lash adhesives and it features an opaque black appearance to protect the content from direct light. It is recommended that you store lash glues upright and this container is a perfect tool for support and maintaining the upright position. 

    Size: 8.8cm x 7cm