Flux S Max Limited Edition Tattoo Machine With Powerbolts II

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    Color: Oudwood

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    New Flux S Max Limited Edition Tattoo Machine With Powerbolts II

    With its new PowerBolt II battery pack, improved grip and Give, and longer stroke option, the new Flux S Max Limited Edition Tattoo Machine With Powerbolts II brings diversity and maximum versatility to the everyday artist.

    The Flux S Max features a new, digital display, built-in menu with the PowerBolt Il battery pack allowing for ultimate control of all machine features and settings. The PowerBolt II allows the artist to easily navigate menu options, engage and adjust Give, read battery life, and personalize machine displays by choosing Hertz or Volts and 0.1 or 0.5 increments of adjustment. The Flux S Max features new, state-of-the-art technology that learns how you like to work, from the type of ink, to the tip/needle, and the level of pressure you apply. 

    Compatible with most standard cartridges brand Mast, Newhawk, Dragon Pestle.

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    • PowerBolt II digital screen provides a more intuitive and user-friendly experience
    • Needle Sensing
    • Improved, responsive and adjustable eGive
    • Redesigned, ergonomic grip and balanced for functional comfort
    • Luxury Travel Case Included
    • Built-In Time Tracker
    • Stroke Length: 2.5 mm, 3.2 mm, 4.5 mm
    • Color: Oudwood, Midnight, and Rouge
    • Weight: 5.89 ounces (166.9 grams)
    • Battery Life: Average 5-6 hours, up to 10 hours. Battery life subject to voltage, stroke, needle choice, and skin type.
    • Connectivity: Wireless & Bluetooth
    • Voltage Range: 4 – 12 Volts (66 - 199 Hertz)
    • Grip: 24 mm – 34 mm
    • Compatibility: Bluetooth, Killswitch, Standard Universal Membrane Cartridges

    Warranty: 6 months


    DELIVERY TIME for this particular item: Apx 10-17 days