Facial Waxing Starter Kit

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    This Facial Waxing Starter Kit contains everything you need to begin offering facial waxing treatments (especially for brow waxing) - ideal students, hairdressers & mobile therapists! More best-selling items can be found in our Waxing collection, and don't miss out on Eye Design Professional deals.


    • Professional Wax Heater 500ml
    • Browvado Sculpting Gel Wax Beads 500g
    • Browvado Contouring Sticks 50pk
    • Brawvado Tweezer
    • Micro Defence Hand & Body Sanitising Gel Tube 50ml
    • Micro Defence Organic Biocide Foam 50ml
    • Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel 300ml
    • Bumo eRaiser Medi Paste Sachet
    • Bump eRaiser Brochure


    • Ideal for salons and clients preferring natural products.
    • Browvado Sculpting Gel Wax Beads 500g: is designed to give you unsurpassed control. It's perfect for use on the face, and is specifically formulated to have a gel consistency, which makes it ideal for contouring as it wraps around the brows with ease. This wax, at the right temperature, has a stunning holographic appearance with a subtle comforting scent of honeysuckle and pear, yum.
    • Browvado Contouring Sticks 50pk: high quality disposable wooden contouring sticks provide the most hygienic and precise application for facial waxing. Ergonomically designed to wax even the most sensitive areas around the brows. Our contouring sticks will give your customers peace of mind and ensure that your salon lives up to the highest hygiene standards.
    • Micro Defence Foam 50mlFast acting, for protection and prevention against the spread of germs. Biocide Skin Sanitising Foam is effective against a range of micro-organisms*. Safe to use on all parts of the face & body, it does not dry out the skin, is non-sting and does not require soap or water.
    • Micro Defence Hand & Body Sanitising Gel Tube 50ml: Kills 99.9% of germs in less than 20 seconds. Containing antibacterial and disinfectant properties hand & Body Sanitising Gel is the most effective way to protect you & your clients, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment for all. Convenient and easy to use, there is no need for water, soap or towels. Made with moisturising glycerine to prevent drying of hands.

    Safety Note

    1. Keep away from Children.
    2. Everyone's skin is different, so if you're using a waxing product for the first time, try it on a small area first. If the skin feels uncomfortable, please stop using it immediately to avoid causing allergies and other symptoms.
    3. Do not use it on broken or irritated skin. If you are on medication that affects the skin or you have a skin related disorder consult your doctor before use

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