Eye Design Eyelash Extensions Glue Jade Stone

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    Eye Design Eyelash Extensions Glue Jade Stone

    Eye Design Eyelash Extensions Glue Jade Stone is the perfect way to keep your eyelash extensions adhesive cool and extend the drying time of the glue while applying lashes.

    We recommend using Eyelash Glue Foil Stickers to save clean up time after using your jade stone.

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    • It is used as a pallet to keep the glue liquid during the assembly of the eyelash extensions
    • It can be used many times and clean easily
    • The Jade Stone can reduce the temperature of the glue, thus reducing the drying speed (hardening) of the glue, without harming the fast drying of the glues used in the eyelash extension process
    • This temperature control generates savings in your glue, thus avoiding glue waste
    • The small stones are designed with smooth surfaces that make them easier to clean; and that it is convenient for you to put your whip sticker on them; designed to assist in the strand-by-strand eyelash extension process

    Note: Colour may vary from stone to stone.