Eye Design Eyebrow Aftercare Cream

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    Eye Design Eyebrow Aftercare Cream Best Convenient!

    The Eye Design Eyebrow Aftercare Cream is enriched with Vitamin A And D to improve healing after Cosmetic Tattoo procedure. The gel is anti-inflammatory and it prevents the formation of Melanin and scarring.

    It provides moisture to dry skin conditions. It is an essential product for Tattoo, Microblading, Lip Blush, Ombre Brows and any other permanent makeup treatments. It can also be used on the lips after Teeth Whitening procedure. 


    • Heal quickly
    • Keep moisture
    • No scar, no discoloration
    • Strengthen brows to help prevent loss and breakage
    • Promotes naturally thicker, fuller-looking eye brows
    • Specially formulated and balanced to be non-irritating to eyes
    • Keep eyebrows in good repair

    Direction: Apply a thin layer of gel on the treated areas 2-3 times daily using clean fingers or cotton bud.

    It can also be used to treat minor burns, diaper rash, nipple irritation, and dry skin.

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