Disposable Vinyl Bed Sheet

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    Disposable Vinyl Bed Sheet can be disinfected and cleaned between clients, protecting your treatment bed from wax, tattoo pigments, and tints. It comes in absorbent Pure Cellulose, super soft Fine Venetian Spun Lace, Diamond Weave with or without ProtectacoatTM, and Vinyl bedsheets to keep your waxing beds safe and your clients comfortable during each wax treatment.      

    Key features: 

    • Perfectly sized to fit all beds at 1.52 m x 1.52 m.
    • Excellent quality plastic that moulds to your bed’s shape.
    • Great price and no more throwing away paper bedrolls.
    • Less washing and easy clean up with Caronlab Micro Defence Wipes or Spray and Citrus Clean Wax Remover.
    • Keep your salon beds protected
    • Ideal for Massage & Body Treatments

    The package includes:

    10 x Disposable Vinyl Bed Sheet

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