Eye Design Disposable 18U Microblading Hand Tools with Sponge

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    The Eye Design Disposable 18U Microblading Hand Tools with Sponge features U shaped flexi blade with 0.16mm nano blades on one end and a sponge tip on the other end. The fitted microblade is ultra-thin and sharp, allowing you to achieve precise and crisp hair strokes. The sponge tip allows you to absorb and massage pigments into the strokes for increased absorption during colour saturation steps.

    Each hand tool is packaged individually. Do not use if packaging is broken. 


    • 18U Shape Needle Blades with handle. Made of 316 Stainless steel
    • Slim, lightweight,0.16mm thickness needles blades. Excellent quality which are sharp enough for perfect eyebrow microblading.
    • Sterlized & Disposable: To ensure the complete safety work with the manual microblading pens, pens are sterilized each one with EO gas, packaged individually for disposable use.
    • Safe Non-Slip Design: The eyebrows microblading pen are designed with an ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to hold non-slip grip.
    • Each Pen With Pigment Sponge: For the simple work with our disposable microblading pen, each pen with a small sponge microblading tool. Perfect for helping you mask pigments with ease.

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