Eye Design Disposable Eyebrow Measurement Ruler Sticker

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    The Disposable Eyebrow Measurement Ruler Sticker is flexible enough to bend and perfectly fits your eyebrow bone contour. The shape is designed with golden means proportions in mind, making it versatile and will work on almost any face. It easily peels off and sticks onto the client's face, so you'll have both hands free to focus on drawing and shaping the brows. It is an essential tool for mapping brows before Cosmetic Tattoo procedures such as Microblading and Ombré Brows, as well as Henna Brows.

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    • Self-adhesive design, easy to fit the skin, special design for eyebrow tattoo artist.
    • It has scale on itself can help to measure and position the eyebrows perfectly. Easy to use for design perfect eyebrow shape for client.
    • Very effective in shaping and eyebrows. Good for accurate measurements and symmetrical marking.
    • Ideal for professional and beginner tattoo artists.
    • After drawing, you can simply remove it. No harm to your skin.
    • Disposable and easy to use, will not slide down, perfect for professionals and beginners.
    • Tightly fit to human forehead, no wrinkles while sticking on the skin.

    How to use: After cleansing forehead, then glue it on forehead to help drawing balance and perfect eyebrows. When finish drawing, it can be easily peeled off, no pain.