Cosmetic Tattoo Pigment Cup Ring with Sponge (100pcs)

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    The Disposable Cosmetic Tattoo Pigment Cup Ring is sterile and packaged individually. It features a cup and sponge insert to prevent the cosmetic tattoo blades or needles from touching the cup, which may cause damage or dull their sharpness. The sponge insert is also absorbent to any liquid pigment, preventing spillage. 

    Pro Tip: If you are mixing few pigments to create a custom colour, use a sterilised tweezer to take out the foam insert. Put your pigments inside the cup insert and mix, and then insert the sponge back in. 

    Suitable for any cosmetic tattoo treatments such as Microblading, Ombré Brows, Lip Blush, and Eyeliner Tattoo.