Eye Design Colourful LED Light Therapy Mask

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    Eye Design Colourful LED Light Therapy Mask Best Choice!

    The Eye Design Colourful LED Light Therapy Mask provides a non-invasive skin rejuvenation through the healing properties of 7 different light wavelengths with no down time and no side effects.

    Each mask features a lightweight and ergonomic design with velcro head fastening and a remote control to easily adjust the modes. Each mask includes 192 light bulbs that last up to 100,000 hours of lifetime usage. It also includes a detachable neck panel that can be removed to treat the back of your hands. 

    LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and was originally developed for plant growth experiments by NASA. It was later discovered that using LED lights had a positive effect on the treatment of wounds, before being used by cosmetic therapists to help heal, refresh and regenerate the skin.

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    The 7 different light wavelengths and their functions:
    1. C1/ Red: For anti-aging effects and skin reparation. This mode stimulates skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin, resulting in a firmer, more vibrant skin texture. It also improves blood flow and repair damaged skin.

    2. C2/ Green: For sun damage and anti-aging. It boosts collagen and elastin to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and treat hyperpigmentation. Has a brightening effect due to the treatment of sun damage (sun spots, brown spots).

    3. C3/ Blue: For acne reduction. It is used in skincare clinics for killing acne-causing bacteria to prevent future breakouts. The omitted blue light can also reduce the sebaceous gland (oil gland) activity. This therapy can be used in combination with the red light which reduces inflammation often associated with acne.

    4. C4/ Light Green: For healing. It has a soothing effect on irritated skin and combats redness and conditions like eczema and rosacea while boosting collagen production.

    5. C5/ Light Blue: For sensitivity. It has a soothing effect on injured or broken skin and it also helps reduce allergies and their side effects while effectively strengthening and desensitising skin.

    6. C6/ Purple: For improving lymphatic drainage and skin immunity which results in faster healing and detoxification.

    7. C7/ Aqua: For product absorption. It improves absorption of skincare products such as serums and infused moisturisers.

     Recommend using Protective googles during the treatment. 




    If you have any underlying or existing eye conditions or are taking medication that makes the eye light sensitive, do not use this device (even with the use of protective goggles).

    Always wear protective goggles when using the device. A pair has been provided in the package. If you are intending to treat sun damage, please visit your skin specialist prior to use.


    • Mask can be worn nightly or as desired. At least 3 times per week is recommended.
    • Do not exceed 20 minutes per treatment.
    • Always lie flat on your back during treatment.
    • DC24V/ 2A ~ 2.5A Voltage.
    • 28W Power Consumption.

     This device is inclusive of a 6-month warranty.