Eye Design Artists Colour Wheel

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    Eye Design Colour Wheel

    The Eye Design Colour Wheel Guide provides a visual aid for colour theory. It includes gray scale, tints, tones, shades as well as the results of mixing certain colours. It illustrates colour harmonies such as complementary, split complementary, triadic, as well as displaying primary colours, secondary colours, warm and cool colours. It is an essential tool for for determining the right colour match for your client's complexion and for colour correcting treatments. Ideal for artists, designers, illustrators, architects, interior decorators and teachers from professionals and beginners.

    How to use: To use the colour wheel turn the dial so the arrow points to a pure colour in the outer row. Colour relationships are shown using the diagram in the centre. Illustrates visually and instantly the results of colour mixing. Shows primary, secondary and intermediate colours. Includes hues, chroma, tints and tones.

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