Blackhead & Pore Cleaner Vacuum

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    Blackhead & Pore Cleaner Vacuum is made of design to remove the oil and impurities in the large clogged pores, blackhead, grease, acne, and shrink pores.

    It features three adjustable suction levels catering to different skin types: low level for dry sensitive skin, medium level for neutral skin with small blackhead, and high level for oily skin with big blackhead or pores. The package includes 1 x Piece Blackhead Remover Extractor, 3 x Pieces Suction Head and 1 x Piece USB Cable.

    1. Due to the powerful suction, it is recommended to NOT to stay in the same area for more than 3 seconds.
    2. Do not use on scarred, injured or irritated skin.
    3. Do not exceed 5 minutes each time using this machine as you may over-exfoliate and harm the skin.
    4. Don't wash the device. Detach the suction heads and wash them separately after usage.
    5. Before using per time, hot compress with a hot towel for 2-3 minutes, the effect will be better.