Advanced Ombre Brow Kit

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Color Eyebrow Pencil: Black

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The Eye Design Professional Advanced Ombre Brow Kit is perfect for cosmetic tattoo artists who would like to practice their Ombre brow on latex as well as real models. 

The kit includes: 

  • Small Pigment / Glue Cup Rings (5pcs)
  • Disposables Cosmetic Cotton (75pcs)
  • EDP Eyebrow Pigment - Random colour* (3pcs)
  • EDA Dilute Solution (1pc)
  • Ink Mixer (1pc)
  • Disposable Non-Woven Protective Gown (3pcs)
  • Premium 4-layer Disposable Face Mask (5pcs)
  • Medicom Safe Basics Easy Fit Latex Gloves (10pcs)
  • Aftercare Gel - Cosmetic Tattoo (1pc)
  • Foaming Permanent Makeup Cleanser (1pc)
  • Disposable Micro Brushes (10pcs)
  • Eyebrow Pencil (black or brown or white) (1pc)
  • Eyebrow Razor (3pcs)
  • Measurement Calliper (1pc)
  • Ombre Latex (2pcs)
  • 1RL Nano Cartridge Needle – S1 (3pcs)
  • EDA Touch Pro Cosmetic Tattoo Machine (1pc)
  • EZ Pen Type Machine Cover (1 pack)
  • Glass Mixing Bowl (1pc) 

*Radom 3 of our premium eyebrow pigments are included in this kit. If you want a specific colour, please include your colours of choice in the note section on the cart page. 

  • Caramel
  • Lava Light
  • Hazelnut
  • Sugar Brown
  • Espresso
  • Dark Coffee