1201RL 0.35mm Cosmetic Tattoo Cartridge Needles

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    The Premium 1201RL 0.35mm Cosmetic Tattoo Cartridge Needles are of superior quality and meet international cosmetology and medicine standards, making them ideal for intricate line strokes in permanent makeup for lip tattoo, nano machine strokes brows, ombre brow, eyeliner, areola, scalp micropigmentation, and any other detailed tattoo work.

    Each box contains 20 pieces of individually packaged cartridges sterilised with E.O gas. Each needle is 0.35mm in diameter, made of safe and sterilised 316L stainless steel. It is disposable and for one-time use only, compatible with all types of tattoo pens or rotary cartridge grip tattoo machines.

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    • The tips also feature an elongated profile which enhances your field of vision.
    • The cartridge housing is made of high quality medical grade plastic.
    • Disposable Packaging Each cartridge is packaged In a sterile.
    • The integrated needle system with the precision tip guarantees the highest standards of safety and hygiene.
    • This cartridge line has a unique system of stabilizing ultra-sharp needles which ensures their durability and strength.
    • Low tension diaphragm reduces motor stress and prevents backflow of ink.
    • Robust Cartridges Are Transparent:Allowing you to see your ink flow and make small adjustments while tattooing.