Eye Design 2 in 1 RF Face Lifting Beauty Machine

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    The latest innovative bipolar RF system is used in the Eye Design 2 in 1 RF Face Lifting Beauty Machine, which delivers radio frequency energy and transfers uniform volumetric heating effect into the deep dermis and underlying tissue to achieve the effect of tightening, whitening skin, removing wrinkles, freckle, pimple, acne, reducing black circle, eye bags, and skin rejuvenation.

      Key Functions: 

      • Adopted the latest innovative bipolar RF system to delivers radio frequency energy, which is safe, hygienic and painless to your skin.
      • Equipped with self-diagnostic functions based on safe design, which can automatically carries out the verification of efficacy by itself. This will be more secure and assured to use.
      • Comes with 2 different bipolar heads for meeting your various need.
      • There are 5 adjustment gears for treatment on different parts, and it's simple adjusted just by the two buttons "Energy UP" and "Energy Down". In addition, energy level indicator helps to show the gear arrangement for your convenient use.
      • The handpiece can be detached for an easy holding by hands when treatment, while no need to use, you can place it on the machine to prevent dirt and bacterial.
      • Taking little time for recovery and no effect on regular working or living, minimum side-effects, obvious and lasting long-time results.
      • Can be used on face and around eyes to tighten, whiten skin, enhance skin elasticity, remove wrinkles, freckle, pimple, acne, reduce black circle, eye bags and skin rejuvenation. 

      2 in 1 RF Face Lifting Beauty Machine

      2 in 1 RF Face Lifting Beauty Machine


      • Managing wrinkles or skin rejuvenation:
        This device transfer high frequency RF energy to skin and stimulates to produce collagen in skin layer. In this case, stimulated collagen tissues are activated and thus helps prevention of wrinkles due to stress and help expedition of skin rejuvenation.

      • Managing freckle and skin whitening:
        This device could alleviate freckles due to deteriorated blood circulation in a way that high frequency RF energy is transferred to skin and blood circulation is expedited and it also help skin whitening effects by reducing melanic pigment secretion.

      • Managing pimple(acne):
        Heat is generated on skin tissue by transferring high frequency RF energy. When heat is generated in skin tissue, antibiotic effect is activated and then it normalizes sebaceous glands and regulated secretion of sebum, which helps to reduce secretion of pimples(acne).

      2 in 1 RF Face Lifting Beauty Machine

      2 in 1 RF Face Lifting Beauty Machine


      1. Material: ASB
      2. RF Frequency: 2Mhz
      3. Power: ≤75W
      4. Voltage: AC 100-240V
      5. Frequency: 50-60HZ
      6. Optional Plug: AU Plug
      7. Package Weight: Approx. 2.2kg
      8. Function: Wrinkle Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Removal, Whitening Skin, Enhance Skin Elasticity

      Package contents:

      1 x RF Beauty Machine with Handle
      2 x Probes(Face Probe & Eye Probe)

      1 x Power Adapter with Plug
      1 x User Manual
      1 x Package Box

      DELIVERY TIME for this particular item: Apx 7-15 business days