SPEKTRA XION S Rotary Tattoo Machine

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    Color: Black

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    SPEKTRA XION S Rotary Tattoo Machine

    The SPEKTRA XION S Rotary Tattoo Machine- a result of meticulously researched, designed and manufactured over three years in collaboration with prominent tattoo artists worldwide. This machine offers absolute versatility and allows for cleaner, in-depth pigment deposit while providing enhanced comfort with its special “one-turn” give-dial that allows artists optimal maneuverability, convenience, and the interchangeable stroke suits different styles of micropigmentation.

    Check out the SPEKTRA XION S and enjoy its abilities to take on all types of linework procedures and deliver consistent healed results.

    Compatible with most standard cartridges brand Mast, Newhawk, Dragon Pestle.

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    • Pen-Style Feel: Ergonomic, compact and lightweight design
    • Stroke: Standard 2.5mm and alternate 1.8mm
    • One turn give dial adjustment: Incremental, allows for hard to soft adjustment of needle stroke
    • Intuitive adjustable stroke settings suit different styles of tattooing
    • Secure ratcheting system enables artists to lock in needle depth settings
    • Seamless, autoclavable grip feature is compatible with all Cheyenne-style needles
    • Powerful 6W MotorBolt system, designed to meet and exceed your needs for any micropigmentation procedure
    • Slim/ Lightweight: Weighs only 134g
    • Mini DC Connector: Lightweight alternative to RCA cables that is for optimal connectivity performance

    The package includes:

    1 x Tattoo Pen

    1 x Cord


    Made in USA

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