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Disposable Microblading Hand Tools with Micro Brush

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Eye Design Pro 18U Disposable Microblading Pen, manual Eyebrow Hand Tools with micro brush attached on end.

At Eye Design Academy, clients health and artist reputation are extremely important for this reason we bring to you the latest disposable hand tool which reduces setup and treatment time and improve hygiene by effective prevention of cross contamination.

These hand tools make microblading procedures much simpler. This tool comes with a high quality fitted microblade and the entire product is sterilised from factory.

The fitted microblade is ultra-thin, at a thickness of 0.16mm which allows you to achieve ultra precise hair strokes.

Each hand tool is a stylish black in black colour and comes in a straight handle with a comfortable finger grip for best control, as well as a micro brush attached to the other end of the

hand tool used to absorb and spread pigments on the eyebrow.

  • Disposable microblading pen – U shape & curve flexi
  • Blade size: 0.16mm X 18mm
  • High quality microblades
  • Slim, lightweight with an ergonomic design
  • Each hand tool is individually packed for single use
  • Each microblading hand tools come with a batch number and expiry date.
  • Do not use if packaging is broken