Eye Design 2 in 1 UV Towel Heater Warmer

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    Color: Black

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    2 in 1 UV Towel Heater Warmer New Arrival!!!

    This 2 in 1 UV Towel Heater Warmer is perfect for use at home, spa, beauty salon, hair salon, and most other locations. It primarily uses UV rays to keep towels germ-free, and the cabinet also has a temperature consistency function that keeps towels warmer all of the time. It can be used to clean both traditional and disposable towels.

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    • Micro computer control temperature, built-in UV cleaner to keep towels germ-free.
    • Independent power switch design, easy operation and automatic temperature rising and control.
    • Seamless stainless steel inner chamber, durable and anti corruption, simultaneously can keep the constant temperature.
    • Removable tray underneath to avoid dripping and on time cleaning.
    • Suitable for both traditional and disposable towels cleaning.


    • Power: 200W Plug
    • Type: AU Plug
    • Voltage: 220V
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Temperature: 70±10℃
    • Cleaning Time: ≥15 minutes
    • Cleaning Way: UV
    • Item Size: Approx. 45 x 35 x 29cm / 17.7 x 13.8 x 11.4inch
    • Package Weight: Approx. 8250g
    • Item Type: UV Cleaning Cabinet

    Packing list

    1 x UV Cleaning Cabinet
    1 x Plug

    DELIVERY TIME for this particular item: Apx 7-12 business days