Eye Design UV Towel Warmer

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    Type: 8L

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    Eye Design UV Towel Warmer New Arrival!!!

    This UV Towel Warmer mainly uses UV light primarily to keep towels germ-free, and it also features a temperature consistency feature that keeps the towels warmer all the time. It is suitable for both traditional and disposable towels cleaning although disposable towels but be first removed from individual plastic packaging. This 2 in 1 towel warmer can be used on home, spa, beauty salon, hair salon and most places. Visit more our Sterilisation products here


    • Micro computer control temperature, built-in UV cleaner to keep towels germ-free
    • Independent power switch design, easy operation and automatic temperature rising and control
    • Internal chamber made of corrosion-resistant, robust stainless steel that also maintains a steady temperature
    • Removable tray underneath to avoid dripping and on time cleaning
    • Suitable for both traditional and disposable towels cleaning.
    • Available in 8L and 18L

    Packing list

    1 x UV Towel Warmer 8L/18L
    1 x Plug