Salon Disinfection & Sterilisation Tray Box

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    The Salon Disinfection & Sterilisation Tray Box is made of durable plastic material for soaking beauty tools such as tweezers, scissors, and microblading hand tools with removable blades for the purpose of disinfection & sterilisation. 


    1. Remove all traces of adhesive on tweezers with acetone.(For Eyelash Extensions tweezers) 
    2. Scrub tweezers / tools in warm soapy water, rinse and soak them in hospital grade disinfectant for 10 minutes. 
    3. Rinse and air dry on clean paper towel.
    4. Once the tools are dry, store in an airtight container.

    ALWAYS leave tools in disinfectant solution for the recommended time only (10-15 minutes or as per disinfectant manufactures instructions). If left for longer periods, this may cause the solution to eat away at the protective layer and corrode the tools.