Freya Pro X3000 Modular Red & Infrared LED Light Panel

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    Our Freya Pro X3000 Modular Red & Infrared LED Light Panel is at the forefront of anti-ageing technology and with daily use, you’ll see an improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, acne scars and general skin appearance. Red light therapy promotes healthier skin function down to the cellular level of the skin. This has been shown to improve the texture and tone of skin, giving the skin a glowing, rejuvenated look. Red light therapy also increases collagen production, which decreases the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and acne. Loved by celebrities and beauty gurus worldwide, Red Light Therapy can now be safely used in the comfort of your own home - no more expensive salon visits!


    • Commercial grade red light therapy panel measuring 180cms tall x 30cm wide, the Freya Pro II 3000 is twice the size of the Freya Pro 1500 and much larger than its predecessor making it a full body solution for more users.
    • Featuring 600 x 5w LEDs individually sculpted by 30° secondary glass lenses, for deeper penetration and more optimal results at further distances.
    • You can independantly set the power from 0-100% on your red 660nm/630nm & near infrared 850nm/830nm LEDs, catering to more specific red and infrared light therapy needs than any other panel.
    • Use the optional soothing pulse function which you can set to your comfort by adjusting between 1 – 20 Hertz (Near-infrared lights only)
    • Use the digital controls or your remote control to select the intensity of both red and near-infrared light, as well as time and optional pulse functions.
    • The narrower 30° lens angle and huge 5w red and infrared LEDs ensure the most powerful penetration of beneficial wavelengths of light available on the market and are designed purely for this purpose.
    • Pre-set session times with the digital inbuilt timer, which will automatically stop your commercial red light therapy sessions after the timer reaches 0.
    • All our devices are made using flicker free LED drivers making red and infrared light therapy sessions safer and more effective for all users.
    • EMF Free: Freya Pro 3000 panels are EMF free at minimum usable distances, meaning you won’t take on any harmful EMFs during your red and infrared LED light therapy sessions.
    • UV Free: All our panels are free from UV light and do not emit any potentially harmful UV rays during your red and infrared light therapy sessions.

    Key features

    • Commercial grade red light therapy panel
    • Individually adjust the power of red/ near-infrared light
    • Now with 4 wavelengths and optional pulse feature
    • 30⁰ beam angle for further light dispersion
    • Digital timers and controls for ease of use


    • Material: Metal Combination
    • Color: Red/ NIR
    • Power source: Power Adapter
    • Dimensions: 180cm x 30cm
    • 5w dual chip LEDs: 600 x 5w
    • Rated wattage: 1KW
    • Irradiance: >100 mW/cm² 

      Package list:

      1 * AU power cord
      1 * Freya Pro X3000
      1 * User manual (PDF)
      1 * Goggles
      1 * Duel hanging kits, adjustable pulley system, daisy chain kit




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