Eye Design Eyelash Extensions Primer & Easy Fan Silicone Sticky Dots (3pcs)

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    Spend $250 or more to get this package as a gift! The gift includes Eyelash Extensions Primer (1pc) & Easy Fan Silicone Sticky Dots (3pcs).

    Eye Design Sydney Eyelash Extensions Primer is used to prep your client’s natural lashes before applying eyelash extensions to strengthen the glue bond retention, allowing the extensions to stay on longer. It also prevents the occurrence of 'bleaching phenomenon', when eyelash glue turns white when it touches lashes that are moist or not fully clean. 

    Our lash primer will remove oil and makeup residue off natural lashes and provide optimal pH levels for long lasting adhesive bond.

    Ingredients: Distilled water, PVP, Propylene Carbonate, BRIJ-78, BRIJ-52, Polyethylene Glycol, Ethyl alcohol, Fragrance
    Caution: Shake enough before use. Close the cover lightly after use. Be careful and avoid contact with eyes and skin. If eye irritation occurs, contact a physician

    How to store: Store in a low temperature (5 Degrees)
    Size: 15ml

    Our sticky silicone circles help speed up the process of creating the perfect fans. Just place the desired number of lashes on the sticky, clear dot with a firm press at the base and you instantly have created a fan! Pick your volume fan gently with a tweezer and it is ready to apply!

    Keep it away from dirt and dust to lengthen the life of sticky dots. They can be reused up to 10 times depending on how well you store them.