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Eye Design Dilute Solution is mixer solution which is used to dilute the consistency of Eye Design creamy textured brow pigments. It can also be mixed into eyeliner and lip blush pigments if their texture needs some liquifying. Mix one or two drops of the solution to achieve a liquid consistency. This makes it easier for the machine to capture the pigment, which in turn improves the machine performance, enabling an easy application of a soft powder effect.

Add the Dilute Solution to:

  • Eyeliner pigment: To achieve that soft, smoky eyeliner effect
  • Eyebrow pigment: To achieve that soft, powdery ombre brow look
  • Lip pigment: To achieve a borderless and watercolour lip effect

Eye Design Dilute Solution is an essential product that enables permanent makeup artist to have control over the consistency of their pigments, allowing them to achieve the specific effects desired. Our Dilute Solution works on all pigment brands.