Dragonhawk MAST Rotary Tattoo Machine 102 Kit with Cartridges

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The kit includes 1x  Dragonhawk MAST Rotary Tattoo Machine 102, 1x  MAST Cosmetic Tattoo Cartridge 0.18mm 0401RL (20pcs), and 1x  Dragonhawk MAST Halo Tattoo Power Supply.

The MAST Rotary Tattoo Machine 102 is an ergonomic hand held tattoo machine with powerful motor and an advanced gear system for a smooth and quiet operation. Connect the DC cord to a Power Supply to operate. MAST tattoo machine is compatible with all standard needle cartridges and power supply.


  • Net Weight: 120g
  • Machine Length: 117mm
  • Adjustable needle protrusion
  • Working Voltage: 6-9V
  • Speed: 9V/10000rpm
  • DC cord included