Dragonhawk MAST PMU P10 Tattoo Machine Kit

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The complete kit includes 1x MAST PMU P10 Tattoo Machine, 1x AURORA-2 Tattoo Power Supply and 1x MAST Cosmetic Tattoo Cartridge (20pcs). 

The MAST PMU P10 Tattoo Machine is one of the smallest and compact machine from Dragonhawk collection. The machine frame features a 25mm ergonomic grip and it is made of chemical resistant solid rods of high-grade polished and anodised aluminium. Rotate the grip to remove the frame or adjust needle‘s depth. The removable frame makes it easy for deep cleaning the device. Seamless frame that protect the inside of the machine. It's RCA Cord Connection is compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies. This machine utilises a custom Japanese coreless motor, and is designed to work for at least 3,000 hours. The lightweight and compact pen style machine is specifically designed for cosmetic tattoo treatments such as Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips, Hairline and more. 

The AURORA-2 Tattoo Power Supply is a powerful new generation of power supply compatible with all coil and rotary tattoo machines. It can perform 24 hours continuous working with 6 different gears that correspond to different colours. It is easy to operate using the touch control for easy voltage adjustments. The two output holes can power 2 tattoo machines at the same time. The back features four strong magnets, allowing you to secure it firmly on any metallic surface. Available in one colour- Black.

Product Details

  • Body: Aluminum and anodized black
  • Bottom: branded silicone, 4pcs strong magnets
  • Voltage:110-240V
  • Dimension:73mm x 35mm (diameter*height)

MAST Cosmetic Tattoo Cartridge is compatible with The MAST PMU P10 Tattoo Machine. The needles are 0.18mm in diameter with 5mm taper. Each box contains 20 pieces of individually packaged cartridges. Each cartridge has been sterilised with Ethylene oxide gas and it is suitable for lip blush and shading, shaded brows, eyeliner, areola, scalp treatments and fine tattoo detailed work. It is disposable and for one-time use only.