Eye Design Coloured Mink False Eyelashes 25mm 3D (7 pairs)

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    Eye Design Coloured Mink False Eyelashes 25mm 3D (7 pairs)

    Our Eye Design Coloured Mink False Eyelashes 25mm 3D (7 pairs) with these features:

    • Material: 100% natural, luxurious mink hair with more than 20 treatments that may be done in a variety of levels and directions. The eyelashes are natural, realistic, dense, curled, gentle, soft, pleasant, and naturally curled. Each lash has a different angle of curl close to natural eyelashes in texture. 
    • Production process: Luxury handmade. No chemical ingredients, hypoallergenic, no residue, unique manufacturing processes make the eyelashes more suitable for the curvature of the eye and the curvature of the eyelashes. Each lash is carefully trimmed. Wearing nature and being light like the air helps girls to be more delicate. So each lash can be changed. 
    • In terms of use: False eyelashes are easier to dismantle. Reduce the possibility of deformation of false eyelashes. Soft, gentle without squeezing eyelids. The stem is soft and comfortable, and it doesn't stick to the eyes. If stored properly, you can reuse 5-20 times for each pair of false eyelashes.
    • Ideal for occasions: Party, special occasion, performance, night out


    1. Material: Mink Hair
    2. LengthSuper long 25mm with coloured lashes
    3. Manufacturing ProcessHand Made
    4. Reusable: Up to 20 wears
    5. Feature: Colorful, natural, soft, fluffy

    Package contains:

    7 pairs of lashes in a box

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