BrowXenna® Eyebrow Henna #210 Amber Concentrate

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    BrowXenna® Eyebrow Henna in shade #210 Amber Concentrate is not recommended to be applied in it's pure form and it is not intended for colouring. The concentrate is added to warm up colours or when a yellow tint is needed, especially when using blonde colours. It is ideal for achieving a reddish colour or a glow of red. Just a small amount of powder, no more than 20-30% of the main colour will be enough to get the desired effect. Graphite concentrate addition is great for for people with hormonal issues and for people whose henna washes off the skin very quickly.

    It's ingredients are based on ground henna leaves and a mixture of herbs and organic compounds for a longer lasting colour retention with an aesthetic effect similar to cosmetic tattooing. Rich palette of natural shades can be used individually or combined with each other. Natural ingredients of BrowXenna® Eyebrow Henna are gentle to damaged and weak hairs, strengthening and providing nourishment with each procedure. It restores eyebrow growth by 60%. 

    How to use:

    Eyebrow Preparation

    • Remove make up carefully, using micellar water. Do not use oil-based makeup removers.
    • Prepare eyebrows for colouring. Use our Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser for deep cleansing of eyebrows. This cleanser gently and deeply cleanses the hairs of the eyebrows and the skin surface and gently removes dead skin particles, contributing to better colour fixation and prolonged retention. 
    • Rinse the shampoo using clean cotton pads soaked in warm water. 
    • Map the brows and get the shape approved by client.

    Prepare Mixture

    • Mix the colouring composition in the amount equivalent to 2 rice grains with 4-8 drops of BrowXenna® Mineral Solution in a non-metallic container. The mineral solution is pure and doesn't contain any additives or metals to ensure that the desired hue will be achieved and colour retention is prolonged.
    • Add Amber Concentrate in amount equivalent 20%-30% of main colour. 
    • Mix thoroughly until the a consistency resembling soy sauce is achieved. Add a little bit more of solution and colouring composition to the mix if necessary to achieved this desired consistency.

    Tinting Process

    • Using  BrowXenna® Brush #1, apply a thin layer of the mixture on the skin and hairs, to create an ombré effect. Avoid making spots or gaps. Pay extra attention to the symmetry and definition of the lines and the shading.
    • Wait until a layer dries before applying the next layer- darker areas will require more layers than lighter areas. 
    • Lift the hairs of thick eyebrows with a brush and spread the colour evenly on both the hairs and skin. 
    • After the last layer has completely dried up, moisten the composition and remove from the eyebrows with a cotton pad moistened with warm water. Application time can go up to 25 minutes if a more intense colour result is desired. 

    BrowXenna® Eyebrow Henna is a natural product however, due to individual intolerance to the product's ingredients, it may cause skin irritation. Please perform an allergy test before use: apply one coat of henna on the inside of your hand or behind your ear, and wash it off after it dries. Wait for 48 hours and observe any reaction. Some allergies can manifest up to 3 days after the first application.

    Please read the instructions manual carefully for more information. 

    Vegan-friendly. Never tested on animals. 

    For professional use only.