B-shape Down Luxurious Foam Pillow

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    Sweet dreams are made from a great memory foam pillow. Get rid of your old stained pillow and see why everyone are getting contour pillows. Pick the right style for your neck. The b-shaped pillows are great for those with neck pain. Perfect for back and side sleepers. Belly sleepers are suited more by a standard pillow.

    No matter the temperature your memory foam pillow will serve you well. Great at keeping your head cooler but remaining breathable. Even better at protection from dust mites.Your new best memory foam pillow will keep going and going. It will bounce back to the original shape almost as soon as your head has left the pillow. Feel the difference.

    If you have owned a pillow for a while it can get a bit gross. Luckily there is a removeable zipper cover. Just take it off and put it in the washing machine. We suggest having another standard pillow cover over the top for extra cleanliness.


      • Ergonomic B-shaped design
      • Fast rebound memory foam pillow
      • Highly breathable pillow cover
      • Support your neck and shoulder
      • Suitable for any sleeping position
      • Machine washable zipped cover


      • Filling: Memory foam
      • Outer cover: Velvet cotton
      • Inner cover: Polyester
      • Density: 50kg/m3
      • Dimension: 60cm x 35cm x 9cm x 11cm (W x D x Front H x Back H)
      • Colour: White

      Package contents: 

      1 x B-shape Down Luxurious Foam Pillow