Waterproof Tattoo Film Aftercare Protective Skin Healing Wrap

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    Size: 5cm X 10m

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    In short, protective tattoo film is thin, self-adhesive film used to protect fresh tattoos in the first days of healing. This film is used on newly tattooed skin and can help heal and protect the upper layers of the dermis.

    After a tattoo is inked into the skin, it is susceptible to infection and even damage. As a tattoo aficionado, you want your skin to heal cleanly, this way your tattoo stays crisp and vibrant for many years.

    Protective tattoo films ensure this outcome and help the skin heal during this critical time.

    These films are lightweight, breathable, waterproof, stretchable and offer the best possible skin protection for your tattoos.


    • This protective film is made of medical grade material through special processing, and has the functions of transparency, waterproofing, breathability, isolation of pathogens and pollution.
    • Before using this product, it is necessary to clean the tattoo area and keep it dry. The first use of protective film does not require applying repair cream. Apply the protective film evenly onto the tattoo and gently smooth it. Do not stretch the protective film to avoid tension damage to the tattoo area. The first use should not exceed 24 hours. The second use time can reach 2-5 days. The entire usage process takes 3-6 days.
    • The protective film is waterproof, but do not immerse it in water for a long time as it will affect the adhesion of the film.
    • Simple and convenient, to use. It could be cut freely according to the size you need.


    • Material: PU Film
    • Color: transparent
    • Width: About 5cm
    • Length: about 5m/10m
    • Size: 1 roll/5m 1 roll/10m

    Package includes: 1 Roll PU Film Adhesive Tape

    How To Use:

    1. Cut a suitable size according your tattoo
    2. Tear off the lower layer
    3. Stick the tattoo bandage on your skin
    4. Tear Off The Upper Layer