Eye Design Round Sharps Container 4L

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    Eye Design Round Sharps Container 4L- Top Seller!

    The Eye Design Round Sharps Container 4L is used for disposing used microblades, cosmetic tattooing needles, Dr.Pen microneedling cartridges, Fibroblast needles, medical needles, insulin syringe, a needle, acupuncture needles, blades, pipettes. It is constructed of tough, puncture and impact-resistant material to safely contain used sharp objects. Once filled up, please find out where you can dispose safely this container. 

    Height: 18.5cm

    Width: 17.5cm  

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    • Needle Disposal Container: When you need it, it will become your best helper to help you collect tattoo parlor waste
    • Syringe Disposal Container: This product works perfectly, and you will have a good experience in using
    •  Hard Hat Container: No leaking or cracking. With this trash can, you don't have to worry about the waste of dangerous sharp objects hurting others
    • Recycling Bins: Application to any tattoo parlor, hospital, nursing home, laboratory, emergency room and hospice etc
    • Sharps Bin Collection: The safe material prevents this sharps bin from being punctured