Eye Design Lash Glue Nail Polish Mixer & Fan

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    Colour: White

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    The Eye Design Lash Glue Nail Polish Mixer is specifically designed for eyelash extensions artists and nail technicians. It eliminates manual shaking (and the wrist strain that comes with it) and ensures that the eyelash glue and nail polish is thoroughly mixed for better application and improved retention. For eyelash extension glue the Mixer only needs 5-10 seconds mixing time VS 1-2 minutes of manual shaking.

    The Mixer is available in White and Black, and each unit comes with 8 rubber holders in different sizes to fit a wider variety of products. It also comes with a detachable fan which adds an additional function to the device for fanning and your clients' lashes and nails. It also comes with a stand that to display the device and rubber lids for added professionalism and tidiness to your work space.

    It is powered by 2x AAA Batteries (not included). Eyelash glue and nail polish is not included and it is for display purposes only.

    How to use it:

    • Ensure the lid of the product you'd like to shake is secure and firmly tightened
    • Pick the right sized rubber holder that fits the lid perfectly, ensuring it is snug and secure
    • Attach the rubber holder to the bolt that is detached from the device
    • Attach the bolt & rubber holder to the device
    • Hold the Mixer vertically so that the glue/ nail polish is the right way up
    • Press the power button and allow the product to spin for 10-15 seconds
    • Gently squeeze the rubber to break to vacuum seal and gently pull glue bottle out

    NOTE: Please be careful when inserting the rubber holder. Too much pressure can result in damage to the bolt. We recommend removing the bolt, attaching the rubber holder and then gently inserting it into the glue mixer.