Eye Design Eyelash Silicone Pad

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    Color: Transparent

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    Eye Design Eyelash Silicone Pad Best Value!

    These large Eyelash Silicone Pads are ideal for holding lash strips or loose lashes during application.

    This unique forehead palette offers the convenience of keeping your lash rows close to the lash line, therefore streamlining your process.

    The pad can be placed comfortably on your clients forehead, on your hand or on a solid surface while you work.

    Spend time on what matters most: those voluminous sets! These palettes made of premium silicone is sticky to the touch, ensuring it stays in position on your clients forehead, eliminating the possibility of your palette slipping off and hitting the ground (the horror).

    They can also be washed, cleaned and sterilized without loosing their hold.

    Size: 11 cm x 5.5 cm

    Color: Pink, Transparent

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